How To Turn Negative Feedbacks Into Positive Results

Having a success mindset means taking risks and it means putting yourself out there. It means taking chances and being willing to fail.

And when you do all that, you’ll find that sometimes you do fail. Sometimes people laugh at you. Sometimes you lose a lot of money.

And this can hurt a lot. Sometimes, it feels as though you will never be successful and that other people seem to have it all figured out.

But let’s take a step back for a moment.

Because most of the successful people you know and most of the successful people in the media were unsuccessful at some point. And they have been in exactly the same position as you — having tried and failed. The only difference between those people and the ones you never hear about, is that they got back up, they shrugged off the criticisms and they went for it anyway. …

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"I wish I had put more effort in my classes, by now I would have risen many ranks higher. If only I could turn back time and avoided the mistakes that made my business go under. It’s because of not taking her seriously that she left and now is in the arms of another man.”

These are but some examples of regrets that some of us are having now. Yes you aren’t at the position you would have wished to be at. Yes you are nearing 40 years and you still haven’t found your footing. But this doesn’t mean you have to keep beating up yourself for past failures and mistakes. And as Richard Branson once said “You don’t learn to walk by following rules. …

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Want to give your mind a kick up the backside and put it into 5th gear?

These ten tips will help you shift your paradigm into a success mindset. Here goes…

  1. View failure as a learning opportunity
    Don’t view failure as a crushing defeat but rather as a chance to learn and to come back stronger!
  2. View obstacles as challenges
    Likewise, try to view problems as challenges to be overcome. This will just make your victory all the sweater.
  3. Don’t choose between two things
    When trying to choose between two things that you really want, the best answer is always to find a way that you can make them both happen. …

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challenges of creating a success mindset

Create a success mindset’ they say.

‘Just go after the things you want in life’ they say!

‘Take risks’ they say…

It’s a shame it’s not always that easy right? The road to a success mindset is one wrought with obstacles and many of these are things that nobody likes to talk about. It doesn’t fit the narrative. It’s time we addressed them…

Here are the top five challenges of creating a success mindset:

  • You Don’t Know What You Want
    This is a surprisingly common issue and one that rarely gets brought up. How can you go after what makes you happy if you don’t really know what that is? …


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